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ROG Azoth key inputting the key beside the one i pressed

Level 7

Hi, my ROG Azoth that ive just bought less than a week ago seem to have a problem with the S key where D will also be inputted even though i didn't press it at all. So occasionally when I press S, it will also input D. 

I've tried swapping the switches out with the spare ones included in the kit and I've updated both AC and the keyboard firmware to the latest version. Anyone has any idea on how to fix?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @wojank ,

thank you for your inquiry. 

Based on your question, please first ensure the following:

  1. Have you confirmed that the keyboard layout matches the layout shows in Armoury Crate?
  2. Is your purchased keyboard a US layout?
  3. Have you confirmed that both the keyboard firmware and Armoury Crate are updated to the latest versions?

If all of the above questions are confirmed and the issue still persists, since you recently purchased the keyboard, we recommend contacting the retailer and informing them of this issue to receive further assistance. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. 

Thank you.

Providing detailed device specifications (MB/CPU/GPU/PSU, etc.) and the respective driver versions, OS version, and BIOS version will help us analyze the issue more effectively.