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ROG Aura Terminal - unable to set the number of LEDs per channel

Level 7
Heya. So I recently purchased the ROG Terminal to expand the RGB capabilities of my rig. It works - the device is recognised via USB and I'm able to control it with the Aura software.

However, whenever I try and set the number of LEDs on a channel, I click 'save' and it immediately defaults back to 90. This of course means that I cant use any of the cool effects (because the effects are interrupted due to the software thinking there are 90 LEDs on each channel, when there is less than half of that) and am limited to options like 'breathing' or colour-cycling... which kinda defeats the purpose of having individually addressable LEDs. This issue exists for the included RGB strips, as well as some fans which I'm trying to control with the terminal.

What is strange is that the comparable option in the Halo software works just fine - I'm able to set the number of LEDs on each of the terminal's outputs and it behaves as expected. However, given I purchased the Terminal for case lighting this is not particularly useful.

Aura software is the latest (v1.07.35) but I've also tried earlier versions, all with the same result.

I've also tried installing the Aura software on secondary drives, as I thought perhaps it didnt have sufficient permissions to make changes on the default installation drive (on c:), without success.

I've noticed some other people having the same issue in the discussion threads for the Aura software, but it kinda gets lost in the noise there.

Is there any way to force the software to accept the number of LEDs, or do I have to cross my fingers and hope that it's addressed in a future update to the Aura software? To be honest Im pretty disappointed - I'd send it back for a refund, because it's not working as designed, but I had to buy it from overseas because Asus decided not to sell the product in my home country (and refused to sell one to me even when i contacted them).