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Question about charging with a Balteus Qi mousepad

Level 8
So I very recently bought a Chakram X mouse and a Balteus Qi mousepad, and I had a question about how the mousepad charges.

So far, I've tried charging 3 devices on the mousepad: the Chakram X, a Oneplus 8 Pro cell phone, and a set of Galaxy Buds+.

When I charge the Buds+, the Balteus indicator light changes to a slow blink and Armoury Crate says that the device is fully charged in green text.

When I charge the Chakram X, the indicator light never changes and Armoury Crate continues to say "Your device is charging" even after it hits 100%. I noticed this after placing the Chakram X on the Qi spot and going to bed- when I woke up in the morning, the indicator light was still flashing as if it were charging, and the Chakram X was pretty hot on the bottom.

The same happens for my phone- even when the phone is at 100%, the mousepad continues to act as if it needs to charge. Thankfully the phone doesn't get hot, unlike the mouse.

I've never had a mouse *or* a mousepad like this before, so I don't know why the Balteus isn't reporting that the phone and mouse aren't fully charged when it is more than capable of doing that for my wireless earbuds. Is this something I need to worry about? I know heat is the enemy of batteries, and I bought this mousepad to charge the Chakram while I slept but I don't want to risk it getting too hot and ruining the mouse or catching fire.

If anyone might have some information to help me out with this, I'd appreciate it. I don't know if this is normal behavior for a Balteus Qi or not, and if it's not, I'm within my window to send it back and get a replacement. It's just hard to find any info regarding this mousepad.

Level 8

The attached image is what I was looking at that caused me concern, but apparently this isn't an issue. I got a second wireless Qi charger, and it doesn't give the "battery full" indicator with the Chakram X or my OnePlus 8 Pro either, so apparently it has nothing to do with the wireless chargers themselves, and more to do with the devices they're charging. I pulled out an old Razer Phone 2 that I hadn't disposed of yet, both the Balteus and Armoury Crate are able to show that its fully charged.

My OnePlus and Chakram X don't seem to have a way of communicating their batteries are full, is all.

Sorry, this can be closed. This was my first wireless charger.