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[Media Review] ROG Gladius | Why Not ROG Sniper?

Level 7
Now that's a good direct hands-on by our good friend from The Assemblage on the new ROG Gladius!

For a name like Gladius, one would expect it to be perform like a gladiator, something more powerful to beat the living crap out of enemies…in games at least. But the funny thing is, the ASUS ROG Gladius ended up being something more snipers rather than gladiators.



I’ve always loved the ROG’s black and red colour scheme. Not only does it look great, there’s just something about it that just oozes confidence. The design of the mouse in itself is simple, but just like the KIRO, there’s nothing wrong with it.

The Gladius has a bit of bump on the top part, which makes it comfortable to rest your palm on. What’s unique about this mouse is the USB cable. It’s actually removable, and you can swap it out for another USB cable to connect the Gladius to the PC or other devices. ASUS packaged it with 2 USB cables, a 2-metre braided USB cable, and a 1-metre rubber USB cable.


I’ve never been one to care about how the USB cable feels, but one thing’s for sure, it’s super convenient for me. I can leave the 2 metre cable connected to my desktop at home, and bring the 1 metre cable around with me for use with my laptop. That way, all I need to do is just remove the mouse if I ever plan on doing my work/internet surfing/social whoring elsewhere. ASUS even included a travel pouch with the Gladius so I’m pretty sure they are encouraging people to bring it around town.

There are a total of 6 programmable buttons on the Gladius, which are the left click, right click, scroll wheel, DPI button, and the 2 shortcut keys on the side. If the design of the mouse isn’t a dead giveaway, the 2 side shortcut keys would clearly indicate that this mouse is meant for right-handed people. Sorry, lefties.


It is said that each of the Gladius’s mouse switch, a.k.a. the part of the mouse that actually needs to be pressed in order to perform a specific action, is good for at least 20 million clicks, which sounds like it can last pretty damn long. If that’s enough for you, the Gladius is designed to for easy mouse switch replacement, so you don’t actually have to throw away the mouse if something breaks, and it can usually be replaced pretty fast.


The Gladius is capable of going as high as 6400 DPI, about 2000+ more than the ROCCAT KIRO. That extra DPI will give you more range for customizations for particular playstyles. This is especially great if you need to go full on Rambo on your opponents at one moment, and then shift to full-accuracy mode in your games.


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The ASUS ROG Gladius performs excellently as a gaming mouse. It’s best suited for snipers in first-person shooters, but it’s also great if you play Pudge on DOTA 2. Set the Hook skill on one of the side shortcut keys, change to a different DPI mode if needed and boom, you’ll be snagging more kills for your team.

Add that to the fact that it’s also quite comfortable to use and you have yourself a solid gaming mouse option. Too bad there’s no left-handed version of the Gladius, which would allow more people to use it.

At the moment, the ASUS ROG Gladius is being sold for about RM250 to RM300, which is noticeably pricier than the ROCCAT KIRO gaming mouse. It’s not the best gaming mouse in the market but make no mistake, this is a great gaming mouse to use…assuming that you’re right-handed of course.

And with this, I award the ASUS ROG Gladius the…

SMBlage Gold award for the ASUS ROG Gladius

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