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Greeting! ASUS ROG Throne Qi Question/Issue

Level 7
Hello fellow ROG Fans!

Ok, so I have been putting off posting about this due to being fairly sure its just the connection type (USB 3.0 Micro-B cable) but.... Here is my issue/question.

Any time I set my ROG Headset on the Throne or slightly move the Throne it completely disconnects itself (And all devices connected to it) and reconnects a few times.

I have looked at the head and port but it looks fine, no issues with dirt, teeth or visual damage.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a more stable Micro-B USB cable? Something that would prevent it from moving/dislodging with the slightest movement?


Could be the cable or the port itself could have an internal defect. Without another cable to test it's harder to tell which. A new cable may or may not resolve it so I wouldn't spend a ton or just buy it from someplace you can return it if it doesn't fix your problem.
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Will do, pretty sure its an internal issue though. Tested the current cable with an external HD and no movement/disconnection issues with it at all. Be damned if I am going to contact ASUS support though, that is a bloody nightmare. Way too many issues with getting any thing close to support from ASUS LOL