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design suggestion for aero cooler

Level 7

Hello, I am ROG phone 6 user. I do have suggestion for future aerocooler design. The current aerocooler design made it not possible to use with type c audio cable wether it is wireless(type c dongle) or a wired one. The latest aerocooler 7 and the past 3 and 5 have 3.5 mm jack to connect earphone but at the cost have to put pogo pin at the side of the phone. Why not just put pogo pin at the back side of the phone to power up the aerocooler and using bluetooth for controlling the aerocooler. That way the that way the type c port at the side of the phone will be free for charging, connect audio, connect dongle, or connecting hdmi port.
The only downside is is it gonna mess with physical button or the light.