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Can't get OC Panel to work

Level 8
So I added the OC Panel to my setup and can't get it to work.

Here are some details about my setup:

Maximus VII Formula mobo
Manual Overclock
Upgraded to 0603 firmware on the oc panel

Since turning off intel xhci mode in the BIOS the panel now finally reacts to the OC lvl up and Fan buttons.
Pressing CPU Level up actually shows "lvl 1", "lvl 2", but it doesn't apply any overclock, and pressing the Fan speed button doesn't apply any profile (No change measurable).
Setting the CPU Multiplier in Extreme mode doesn't change it , although the OC Panel confirms the input.
Can it not override a manual overclock? I thought the device exists to be able to OC adjustments!
Does the fan speed control only control fans actually connected to the OC Panel? But then why does it show the CPU Fan RPM? I want to change the RPM Profile of the CPU fan which is connected to the mobo

Other weirdness:

At first there was a "Fan Mode" when I would cycle through the modes on the display (Normal/Fan/Extreme), but that vanished after flashing to 0603 (no idea what I had before)

Not sure if that is good, or if I should download an older firmware and re-flash.

Overall the OC Panel has been quite tedious which absolutely no documentation

I would greatly appreciate some help!
Thanks so much

edit: so did some more testing: even when I connect the CPU pumps directly to the oc panel i still cannot control them. and even when I change the fan speed control in the bios to "standard" from "manual", still cannot change it with the panel.

the panel reads bckl, cpu temp and RPM correctly, but thats about it.
i've also tried installing ROG Connect (none of which programs run and give me the error "the connection is not available") and tried installation AI Suite3+intelligent processors.
no luck


realize this might be the wrong forum (although it is an accessory) and posted in the OC forum.
can a mod please delete this? i can't

Level 13
Have you installed ROG Connect Plus software in Windows? That's the "driver", included on the drivers disk and M7F support site, that reads the OC Panel inputs and implements the adjustment. The OC Panel normally confirms it's input, but does nothing else without that software.