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ASUS ROG gaming laptops

helloCould anyone share their experiences with the latest ASUS ROG gaming laptops? I'm particularly interested in any standout features or potential drawbacks you've noticed in these models. Your insights will help me make an informed decision for my...

Asus Rog Destrier gaming chair availability.

Hi,I am looking at the gaming chair Rog Destrier. I saw a video on it and it appears to be a really nice chair.Now when I try to find it online to buy, it is out of stock everywhere on the planet.Is it still going to be sold? And when can I expect it...

Resolved! Xg mobile 2022 on a z13 2023

HiI want to upgrade to a flow 2023 model and need to know if my xg mobile 2022 will work on the new model?  Also if I decide to adquire the new 2023 xg mobile, will it be backward compatible with my old 2022 z13?


I bought this laptop few months ago and still puzzled to why ASUS store doesn't have a bag to fit this 18 inch laptop... what bag do you guys recommend? can I buy the ROG backpack that was designed for 17 inch .. will it fit? 

Replacement for Rog Azoth usb dongle

I need replacement for my new Rog Asus Azoth usb dongle. Can someone please please help me with this please T.t. I don’t mind using cable or blutooth option it just that I don’t think I can’t update my the firmware without the dongle. If I am wrong p...

Asus Azoth - usage with ipad issue

I got my asus azoth recently, and I love it. Even armory crate doesn't change my opinion.But now I've faced an issue: it has a bluetooth and Mac mode, so I was expecting to use it as bluetooth wireless keyboard for ipad air 5 and mini 6 and get almos...

mindy6 by Level 7
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Asus Armoury Crate App

 I have a problem with Armoury Crate app it does not show my AIO pump rpm or the other fans i got the ASUS ROG Ryujin II 360 does anyone have a solution?  

fans 1.png fans 2.png

Replacement ASUS ROG Strix Wireless Dongle

I need help acquiring a replacement dongle for my wireless headset, my wonderful 6 year old took it out the PC and buried it somewhere in the back garden, she has no idea where she buried it and I don't fancy digging up the garden.