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Aura Terminal accessories?

Level 8

I'm going to try this again. Thus far, I've gotten no traction from ASUS, but I'm a glutton for punishment, so here goes...

Does ASUS sell LED strips and /or connecting cables for the ROG Aura Terminal separately?

The Terminal comes with 4 ports, but for reasons unknown ASUS decided only to ship it with enough LED strips and cables to use three of them. Where do we get a fully compatible fourth strip and cable? I see some LED strips on the ASUS main site, but they specifically state they're for use with motherboards, no mention whatsoever of the Terminal in the description. They don't show up at all in the store. In fact, you can't even navigate to the Terminal via menus, you have to use a text search to find it.

Do the strips work with the Terminal? Assuming they do, where do you get them, if not from ASUS itself? There are no model/part numbers on the site, though the page mentions both 30 and 60cm lengths, so I can't tell if these are current products, discontinued products, or future products.

Does anyone have a verified lead on where I can get a 4th strip for this thing? I have a pair of 60cm CableMod strips (CM-LED-30-60ARGB-R) that I haven't used yet, would these work with the Terminal? If so, where do I find a cable to plug them into the box?