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ASUS ROG gaming laptops

Level 7


Could anyone share their experiences with the latest ASUS ROG gaming laptops? I'm particularly interested in any standout features or potential drawbacks you've noticed in these models. Your insights will help me make an informed decision for my next gaming laptop purchase. Thank you!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @stevediaz ,

Thank you for your interest in our products!

We are delighted to provide you with a dedicated discussion forum to ensure you receive the best support and answers.

For our gaming series products, we have created the ROG Forum specifically for gaming enthusiasts and users of ROG products.

On the ROG Forum, you can ask questions related to the products, share your experiences, and interact with other users.

Our dedicated team will also be there to provide personalized assistance, ensuring you receive accurate and timely responses.

Home - Republic of Gamers Forum (

You can follow the steps below to navigate to the correct forum section for posting your question:

ROG Care> Hardware and Software support>Gaming Notebook

Thank you.