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Asus BRW-24B1ST

Level 10
Using hubby's log-in. Just installed an older Roxio Product (Creator 😎 on my Windows 7 Box. Don't know if it's related but now Device Mangler has the Yellow explanation point and lists Error Code 52


I have run scannow, checked the registry ... and tried updating the drivers from Device Manager. Checked the following registry key and no Upper and Lower Filter entries


Any suggestions ?
October 26 Build
MoBo:Max VI Formula
RAM:16GB Mushkin DDR3-2400 10-12-12-28
GFX:2x Asus GTX780 DCII
HD: 2x Seagate 2TB Hybrid SSHD
SSD:2x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
PSU:Seasonic X-1250
Case:Phanteks Enthoo Primo
OS:Win 7 Pro-64
Monitor:Asus VG248QE Black 23" 144 Hz
Optical:Asus BR Burner
KB: Logitech G19s
Mouse:RoG GX950
Fan Con.: Six Eyes
Cooling:420+280 Alphacool Rads, 35x2 Pump, EK CPU/ GPU Blocks, Acrylic Tubes w/ BP Fit

My guess is yes Roxio messed with the drivers. I know many of those disc authoring tools include drivers for a virtual drive. Have you tried uninstalling Roxio to see if it cleans up after itself?
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