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《T3 Arena》


 The blockbuster team-based hero shooter ""T3 Arena"" is now available!
Enjoy fast-paced, easy-to-learn gameplay in casual & exciting gunfights at the touch of your hands.
Transform into stylish gun-wielding oddballs and heroes, from rock singers to alien creatures, and collect trendy and flashy outfits to become the most dazzling Hero in the Arena!
With quick 3-5 min gameplay and a super accessible Auto-Fire feature, whether you are a shooting game veteran or a total newbie, playing solo or teamed-up, pure bullet-spraying fun is guaranteed for everyone!

🔴 AirTriggers configuration

L👉Fire                         R👉Jump



L👉 Fire                       R👉Jump
L1👉Secondary Skill   R1👉Primary Skill


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