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ROG Instant Master

Sometimes adjusting macros or configuring buttons can get a bit complicated if you just want to jump into a game and have fun, that’s why we have the ROG Instant Master feature!With this feature, you can easily just download a ready-made setup for th...

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Armoury Crate: Scenario Profiles

While it’s great to be able to play a game out of the box, in some cases it’s even better to be able to customize certain things to make your experience even better, that’s why we have Scenario Profiles on Armoury Crate. What is a Scenario Profile? T...

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Show us your wallpaper!

The wallpaper in your phone says a lot about the things you like! But as some people love finding that perfect wallpaper, some others just choose some stock ones. Show us your favorite wallpaper for your ROG Phone!  

MicrosoftTeams-image.jpg MicrosoftTeams-image.png

Animation related sharing and discussion:Walküre (Macross Delta)

  Today I’m going to recommend good-looking animation~ Walküre appeared as a singing idol unit in the Japanese animation "Macross Delta", and were later formed by the voice actors who voiced the characters~ Walküre's songs should be familiar to those...

101.gif 102.gif 103.gif 105.gif
willLO by Level 9
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TGS 2023At TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023, are there any gamers in our booth using the ROG Phone to play games? Does anyone know what games they are playing? TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023 では、弊社のブースで ROG Phone を使ってゲームをプレイしているゲーマーがいますか?彼らが何のゲームをプレイしているか、誰か知っていますか?  

TGS 2023.jpg
Panda_ROG by Community Agent
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