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I've searched and search both Google and forum for a definitive answer to this but no go. What is the difference b/t Asus XMP I and XMP II? This is not XMP 2.0 spec I'm referring to but the option BIOS when enabling XMP profile. You can select XMP...

Asus x99 XMP help

Hello,This is the details of my current system:CPU: Intel 5820k CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U14S MB: Asus X99 Deluxe RAM: Kingston HX428C14PB2K4/16 The RAM is currently running at 2133mhz and whenever i enable XMP Profile 1, the temperature of the ...

Resolved! 13900k core voltage offset values

Straight to the point. What is the optimal core offset for the I9 13900K? - If there is no specific optimal value, what is the optimal range?Currently I have set it to -0.0500 and -0.0650. I notice slightly improved thermals. However, I still hit...

XGZiDeus by Level 9
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How to avoid 75 degree cpu fan limitation?

Well... Im using a maximus gene vi since a few days...I'd noticed that asus suite fan xpert and qfan... only let you set fan speed up to 75 degrees. At that temp, fan will go to 100% speed.Since we all know haswell can get 75 degrees with moderate us...

trihy by Level 7
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Unusually high chipset temperature?

I could not find this information elsewhere. I have a Z690 Hero Maximus Mobo. With default settings loaded in BIOS, UEFI reports that the chipset temperature is anywhere from 46 - 52 degrees celsius. That is within the UEFI BIOS setup monitoring s...