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Can i overclock my cpu without overclocking my ram?

i used AUTO TUNING FEATURE from Asus Suite II and it overlocked my cpu and my ram. i have a g skill 8gb(4gb x2) ddr3-1600 pc312800 9-9-9-24 rams. i dont want to overclock my rams because it may damage it since its cas are 9.How can i overclock my cpu...

DX12 Time Spy Benchmark Thread

3DMark Time Spy Benchmark ThreadMany games now offer support for DX12 in one way or another. One of the most talked about features within the last two years has been Asynchronous Compute, which TimeSpy implements heavily. The term Async Compute has b...

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Remove ROG splash screen from boot sequence

I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer on this. I'm one of those OCD types that likes to know what my PC is doing during POST. I also like to be prompted "press this key to enter setup" so I know which key and when to press it if I want to ...

nahaloth by Level 7
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Screen Replacement

Hello Everybody, About 4 months ago I purchased a Asus K53ta, At the time it was amazing for all my gaming needs, But now i'm beginning to think the screen needs a bit of an upgrade.Has anyone attempted switching out the stock screen for a higher res...

TheKDub by Level 7
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Fan Xpert 2: What can it do for you?

Fan Xpert2: What can it do for you? Setting up fans, control your fans. Asus Fan Xpert 2: A nice solution to control your Fans by using the Fan Xpert 2 Software, so it seems.I have put it to the test. For the record: I do know there are separate f...

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