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Help installing Windows 10 on ROG Strix GL10CS

I am putting a new HD into my pc and need help installing Windows 10. I have created the USB bootable with Fat32 correctly and disabled security but there is no options on my bios to disable CSM Support. So my pc never boots to the USB for installati...

G10CE BSOD x 70 , Windows 11 'update'

Yeah I don't get it, I think it's good to keep drivers up to date and in windows 11 , poof there goes my system. Just crashed on me again about 8 minutes ago. Go to optional updates and inhale it if you have a ROG system from the last year, makes m...

G10ce.314 = crash , g10ce.309 = fine

Been having this problem for months - every time windows updates it forces .314 to install which results in m y computer looking like it has gimped hardware in it. If it was gimped hardware .309 would also be broken wouldn't it? Is there a way to t...

ROG G21CN GPU Upgrade?

I plan to buy Asus ROG G21CN, read it in this article that the GPU is upgradeable to RTX 2080 : What I find out is This G21CN only have 1x 6+2 pci Power...

GA35DX - change power supply

I would like to change my graphics card from rtx2080s to rtx3070ti. Now i have 700W power supply. What power watt should I use the power supply?

MFrost by Level 9
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G20CB in 2023

Hey there. ^^ I recently got back to desktop gaming after 15 years on gaming laptops. So I can feel the rust and questions in the back of my head even after reading a good amount of posts in here. Basically my setup runs with: I5 - 64008 Gb ram dual ...

Help with RAM Upgrades ROG Strix GL12CX

Hello!First time posting on here. I've owned a GL12CX for a few months now and finally got around to attempting a RAM upgrade. I purchased Corsair Dominators, and even though they're rated up to 3200mhz, I only get 2133mhz out of them. Attempts to ma...

M.2 ssd - g20cb heat issues?

Just wondering/trying to get a read if anyone has had success with installing the M.2 SSD and not having heat issues? So far all posts I've read of people trying to install this drive have ended in thermal concerns.

Replacing ROG G20CB Network card

Hello, my asus Rog has a really slow wifi speed compared to my other devices that share the same wifi. I've already tried pretty much everything to correct it without having to open it (including installing that old driver, that didn't change anythi...