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PG32UQ HDR Modes

Hi, what’s the difference between Gaming HDR, Cinema HDR or Console Mode? I’m using my monitor purely for Xbox Series X so just used console mode but would like to know what the differences are please, from the naked eye I can’t see any difference be...

ROG PG48UQ noise

After updating the firmware, the speakers make noise all the time only if DisplayPort connection. If I turn off the speakers the noise is gone.

Romzess by Level 7
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XG17AHPE Cannot turn off

Hey guys,I've bought XG17AHPE few months ago and few times I can't turn it off. It's like stuck. Video input is disconnected, backlight of screen is on, LED Logo on back is on. Since this is battery powered screen I can't unplug it from the wall. Is ...

PG42UQ - Red/Green pixel shift

Hello,I am seeing a very odd but subtle color shift on my new monitor. Do others with this screen see the same thing? Its like the RED and GREEN pixels are slightly shifted. Its only visible on Green, orange, and yellow things. SUPER visible in E...

fluxrez by Level 7
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XG279Q - Never had a worse monitor in my life

1. Unable to disable auto-switch sources2. When the computer is left for any amount of time, the XG279Q goes into what I can only think of as 'Deep Sleep mode', the only way to get it to show up in Windows again is to remove the power source and plug...

Any news on the PG32UQXE

This monitor was announced a year ago. Any news on when it might be released, or has it been cancelled?

IT_Troll by Level 10
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