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Asus ROG XG27AQM Firmware Update Please?

Hi, who ever works at Asus monitors in charge of updating the firmware can we please get the described listed changes here to make this awesome monitor even better? Thank you!

hwanzi by Level 7
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I fixed the PGG27UQ Fan noise...

After using the monitor for close to a year, it has gotten to the point where the fans speed up and slow down constantly. My monitor is perfect, no backlight bleed or dead pixels so instead of submitting for an RMA and getting another panel. I decide...

86846 86847
TrevorR by Level 8
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PG48UQ Black screen and HDR issues

HowdyHaving some issues with my PG48UQ and wanted to see if it was isolated or not. Have seen a few threads on the 42, but less on the 48.Issue 1 - Screen goes black without any message, just black. Doesn't drop input, just black and unresponsive for...

PG348Q Flickering / Turning on and off

Hi, hate to drop in to the forms for issue, but I see no other way around it since I tried troubleshooting my self.Whenever my brand spanking new pg348q is connected to DP (via mini DP to output) screen turns off and back on for a spit second (it hap...

PG32UQ problems with new firmware v034! BE WARE!

Just updated to v034 and issues with slow wake time was resolved but there are new problems.Sometime (totally random) when monitor comes out of sleep the monitor start to flicker with some some flickering blue lines on it (its like that there is prob...

Kobol by Level 8
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Asus ROG PG349Q "Keys locked" Please help!

Hi, I got an Asus ROG PG349Q 34" monitor. I'm really happy with it, but got a HUGE problem that makes me crazy. Somehow the monitor is locked and I can't get it away. Look at the picture, this is what shows regardless what I press on the screen:I can...


Rog swift pg248q turning on by itself?

I got a new monitor (ASUS PG248Q G-SYNC) a couple of weeks ago, and I have noticed during the last couple days that it turns back ON after i have switched it OFF by pressing the ON/OFF button and shutting down my PC as well.The monitor works as inten...

PG27UQ HDR Problem (It turns on and off constantly)

Hello, I bought a new ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ. I have a EVGA Geforce 2080TI ULTRA. As i play games like warframe with HDR enabled in menus, The game will run fine. Randomlly my mintor will go black and a red warning lable telling me HDR has been enab...

shankerz by Level 7
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