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Strix Z370 UEFI updates - UEFI 0419/0426

Owner of z370-I gaming.After I flashed the latest bios https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-I-GAMING/HelpDesk_BIOS/I can no longer run 1N / 1T cmd rate on my ramIts by default set to 2n/2t.G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3600MHz 2x8GB (F4-3600C15...

wazer2 by Level 8
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Max memory support Z370-H

Does anyone have the H board? The documentation is all over the place in terms of Max memory speed. The box states 4000 but the booklet inside says 3866Even Asus site shows both numbers.Which one is actually true? If it's not 4000 I need to return th...

Maximus X 5050 BIOS

Hi, I have a couple of concerns with my motherboard.1) With my 8700k at 5.1ghz and an AVX offet to -1 my cpu fluctuates between the 2 frequencies even when not under AVX loads, gaming for example. Yet in cinebench it holds a steady 5.1.2) Having just...

Memory QVL list?

Hi there, I am trying to find a memory QVL list for the Maximus X Hero (WI-FI AC) I ordered. On the product page they direct me to asus.com, but I can't find any list there. The RAM I am curently looking at is this: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16GB 4000...

Nerror by Level 7
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Maximus X Impact Z370

Is this board under development?I hear from elmor's reddit that this model was skipped in Z270 because the VIII Impact was niche and didn't sold well. To be fair, it doesn't have an M.2. slot in favour of a U.2. addition unlike its predecessor M7IOne...

yj668 by Level 7
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A little quiet in here.......

I know its been a crazy year. Kaby Lake never had a chance to settled in. X299 refreshed the HEDT segment. AMD stirred it all up with Ryzen and TR. Maybe folks are just burned out of the new hardware rolling out each quarter. Even if Coffee Lake...

mdzcpa by Level 12
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