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I need some help, clear CMOS button always Lit?

Hello,I recently got the Maximus IX hero, and was messing around in the UEFI/BIOS. I accidentally overclocked my ram too high and the computer wouldnt even post, so I decided to clear the CMOS with the button on the I/O panel on the back of the mothe...

mr_palm by Level 7
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Strix z270i bluetooth problem and how I fixed it

tl;dr: If your bluetooth device just suddenly disappear from your PC (i.e. is no longer in the device manager), to fix:turn off the computer, turn off the PSU and unplug it, replug and turn on the PSU, turn on the PC. Your bluetooth should be discove...

Steve94 by Level 7
  • 11 replies
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AIO pump: where do you connect it?

Hi guys. I was wondering where did you connect your AIO pump. I have an h100i v2 and at the beginning I have connected it to the CPU header, then I switched to the pump header and I have connected an exhaust fan to the CPU header.I have noticed that ...

Dan87 by Level 8
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USB type c and connecting my phone

hello all,i might be missing something, but when i connect my phone via the type c port it comes up it is charging rapidly, but that is it, i cant access it as file storage like i could on my old pc. anyone else had this issue?

Jimlad by Level 7
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Maximus IX Hero wont boot with memory slots A1/A2 populated

Hello guys,I'm having trouble with my motherboard, when i first started the build all memory slots worked fine, but after a couple of days i was playing some overwatch and the game started closing by itself (3 times), i kept re-opening it until windo...

BSOD during Windows 10 install.

My Windows 10 build started to BSOD with many errors at the point that i cannot log on windows anymore, so i rebuilt my raid0 setup and tried to install a fresh Windows 10 from usb but i'am getting the same BSOD even before installing.I dont know wha...

nurzt by Level 7
  • 17 replies
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Z270 and Resizable bar

Hi!I have a Prime Z270-A motherboard. I notice Asus have released beta bioses that aperantly add support for ReBar on the Prime Z270-P.I can't find the bios for the more premium Z270-A. Can I flash the Z270-P beta bios on to the Z270-A?Are the beta b...

CPU Fan Always Running Full Speed

Hi all. I have a Maximus IX code MB that I built a system with a little over 5 years ago. It's ran like a trooper for the entire time. A couple of weeks ago out of no where the radiator fans for my CPU cooler started running full tilt all the time...

Corgiss by Level 7
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Windows 11 Install On ASUS Strix Z270F

i have sucessfully installed windows 11 Pro 64 bit using the windows update from windows 10 64 bit. i am insider since 2019 so i was lucky to update it.prior to update i had this ASUS Bios update 1501 Beta so windows 11 would work and install.My ques...