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X670e Extreme (come in you have to see this xD)

Unlucky owner of this motherboard: x670e Extreme.. This card is not perfect, on the forum I had already written posts about Thunderbolt problems and the extreme slowness and delays when opening programs etc... Let's say resolved by removing the tick ...

Asus Error Codes

Hello Everyone, I'm getting error code 42 with a green and white light while trying to boot up.I don't see it listed in the book or online.I've tried doing a flashback to different bios versions. Sometimes I get error D6.Any help would be appreciated...

ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO problem with drive speed

System:   7950X3D/X670E Hero/2x48 Gb F5-6400J3239F48GX2-TZ5RK/1Tb Kingston KC3000+2Tb Samsung 990 PRO+2x4Tb Kingston Fury Renegade+2x4Tb Kingston XS2000/RTX 3060/SS-1200 XP3/NH D-15S/ BIOS 1709 Something is not very good with Asus on this AM5 platfor...

Unlocking OPAL SED SSD at Boot

I may have stumbled upon an undocumented feature in the Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme. I had a hardware-encrypted SSD which wasn’t working on one motherboard, and I attached it to the Asus one hoping for better luck. On boot, I got a blue prompt w...

LiKenun by Level 8
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I'm desperate... my X670-E seem to not see my PCI cards..

Hi, today i build (an upgrade) my new PC with an asus tuf gaming x670e-plus wifi (BIOS 0809) but Win 10 don't recognize both my PCI addon's cards, in detail: an Elgato HD60 Pro on the PCIEX16_2 and a Ziyituod PCIe SATA Card on PCIEX4 slot with 2 hdd ...

WeeCapo by Level 7
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Asus X670E HERO Problem

Small premise, previously I owned an asus x570 ch8 with amd 3900x cpu.Now I bought a x670e hero with amd 7950x cpu (bios updated to vers. 0705) combined with 32 gb of kingston 6400 ram 2x16gb set at 6000 mhz.Already at the first start-ups I noticed s...

PC Crashing

Motherboard: X670E HERO Processor: 7950XPower Supply: EVGA P6 1000WRAM: G.Skill TRIDENT 6000 Mhz 16X2GPU: EVGA FTW3 3080 TIHard Drive: 1 NVME 2 TB Hyper XCooler: PHANTEKS 360 MPH AIOI'm having an issue when my computer is in idle where it's randomly ...

Asus X670E boot time too long

Hi,I am have an issue where my boot up time for my new PC is very slow. i know that the first time boot up when i built the PC is long but this is getting ridiculas. My old PC would start up in half the time. i have the following install:MOBO; Asus c...