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crosshair 670e hero. memory problem or bad board?

Hi all. I have read most of the posts and haven't found a problem quite like mine.In a nutshell. If I try to install more than 1 ram stick I get a q-code C5 and it will not make it to bios.The ram is G.Skill Trident z5 neo part number f5-6000J3038F16...

jbark51 by Level 7
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TPM Header/Connector?

I actually wanted to buy a new mainboard, but now I found out that there is no TPM Header/Connector available (on product images or manuals). For the entire AM5 Series. So only via CPU/ftpm?

New BIOS for X670E Hero - 0705 (non-beta)

just noticed this new bios is out and i get an error when i try to extract it with 7-zip, anyone else?I also extracted it using windows with no error, but when i navigated to the folder for it in BIOS, it locked up before i could even try selecting i...

Q-Code and Q-LED

I'm thinking about starting a thread which everyone can input different issues they're having with the X670 boards. Different Q-Code/Q-LED that can't be solved with a quick Google. What would everyone's thoughts be on that?

X670E Extreme Bios update

I see the Hero getting bios updates faster than the Extreme, when is the Extreme going to get the same ones? We are now two versions behind and one of them is an AGESA update.

Unable to Update BIOS

I know AM5 and the X670E chipset are new and therefore all over the place, but i updated to bios version 0611 and am still noticing a few issues so i thought i would take my life in my hands and try one of the later Beta versions of BIOS, yet when i ...

Polymo Lighting active while the PC is turned off

Despite searching far and wide in the BIOS of the motherboard, Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Hero, I could not find a way to turn off the Polymo Lighting that remains on despite the PC being turned off.Here are some images :

95440 95441
LainX84 by Level 9
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