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Bluetooth no longer available

Hi!My ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero has ran into problems with Wifi and Bluetooth. Suddenly, with no changes on the computer what so ever, there is no contact. If I look in Device Manager, Intel Wireless Bluetooth, I see this message: "Currently, this...

Crosshair VIII Hero reporting 10c less CPU temp in bios

So I just noticed that my mobo is reporting 10c lower cpu temps in bios than from within windows. Both HWinfo and Ryzen Master are reporting same temps, but in bios it's reading 10c lower. Confirmed by setting fans to 100% at a specific temp and seei...

TUF X570 Gaming unstable using DOCP profile.

Hello,I built a new PC a couple of weeks ago.Important bits: Motherboard: TUF Gaming X570 Plus WI-FICPU: Ryzen 3900XMemory: G.Skill Trident Z Neo RGB DDR4 @3600Mhz (2x16GB)When I first got it up and running I noticed the memory was running much slow...

Dark Hero Realtek detects new device

Once or twice a day, Realtek Audio console would popup with "Which device did you plug in?" and the audio will cut out until I hit ok. Turning off the "Enable auto popup dialog" in the Realtek Audio Control app does not help as the sound still cuts o...

Bios won't see Sata Drives ( not detected )

UPDATED... OMG I have never seen such horrible support for a top tier flagship product anywhere. This is my First ASUS product and if this isn't solved soon it will be returned and it will be my last.This is a BASIC issue. Even the online chat suppo...

AGeek by Level 8
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