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Asus ROG Ryujin 360 compatability

Hello,Has anyone knowledge or experience with the Ryujin 360 (not II) working on a LGA1700 socket?The intention is to upgrade from a i9-9900k to i9-12900k and Asus support is less than helpful.TIA

jimbear by Level 7
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RYUO 240 Can't change Image

Hello. I have the latest Armoury Crate installed. All my ROG devices work except my RYUO 240. When i click on that device, the red circle just keeps spinning. Looks like LiveDash is no longer available. Any way to install an image or change the RYUO ...

jdog2 by Level 7
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Ryujin II Pump Speed Capped at 1770rpm

Hi, my Ryujin II pump speed is capped at 1770rpm. I can lower the speed and it is reported correctly, but if I put the speed at max in armoury crate, the max it will go to is 1770rpm. Isn't the max supposed to be 2800rpm?PC Specs:7950xx670e Hero32gb ...

s09931 by Level 7
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Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 fan and pump info in LCD screen?

So, I just got a new system with an Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 AIO.With this AIO it seems like fan and pump RPMs are monitored and set via the ASUS controller and its USB 2.0 cable that connects to the motherboard (i.e.; the fans are NOT connected to f...

JcRabbit by Level 10
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asus rog ryujin ii 360 CPU Temp

Hi I have noticed that in armory crate the*asus ROG Ryujin ii 360 AIOTakes up CPU temp for controlling the fan RPM and the pump instead of CPU Package tempCPU temp is way off by almost 15 degree than the CPU Packageis there any way to make it take th...

Riyujin 2 no fan control

Hello,I can't control the fan speed of my Riyujin 2, the value stays at 0 in Armory Crate even though they are spinning fine.The fans are connected to the small box supplied with which is connected to the screen which itself is connected to the mothe...

selfa by Level 8
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Rog ryujin II AIO fan controller

Hello,Just noticed my Aio fan controller is greyed out in Armory I remember it wasnt but it is nowAll conneted the same way as before, all works i can controll pump and embedded micro fanI can controll CPU fans with fan expertAny thougts?Could the ca...

dejan_ by Level 7
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High temps 54 C idle Ryzen 9 5950x with Asus Ryujin 240 cooler.

This CPU 5950x is installed on ASUS Crosshair VIII Dark hero with an Asus Ryujin 240mm AIO but the temps seem odd.while idle it's mostly above 50 C and on gaming, it reaches between 70 even near 80 in some cases.Is this such a bad cooler? Have I wa...

Aarsh by Level 7
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Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 Display AID64

Hi AllJust installed a new Asus ROG Ryyjin II 360 and can't seen any instructions on how to display data from AID64 on the pump screen.Are there any guides on how to do this?Also is there anyway to have Aid64 read information on the AIO Pump speed?