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Intel NPU Driver Update (Intel AI Boost)

For anyone with the Core Ultra series cpu's with the NPU (AI processor), Intel has updated the drivers.  Asus has not updated their driver and they are very outdated. You will need to use the have disk method, as there are no installers. Update at yo...

GX650PY Armory Crate Ping Spikes on Silent Mode

Hello,I have GX650PY. When i want work slient mode i have ping problems. Drop and ping spikes. My internet performance is very low.When i work turbo mode everything is okay and don't have any problem. How can i solve this issue?Slient Mode Ping Testh...

Zephyrus G15 Incorrect SSD temperature reading?

I installed a secondary 1TB M.2 drive (Hynix P31) in my new Zephyrus G15 laptop to use as a data drive and noticed it runs about 11 degrees (C) hotter than the OEM Micron drive running the OS.  I have ordered a copper heatsink and am waiting for that...

jippy by Level 7
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Zephyrus G14(2022) Green dot on screen

suddenly a green dot appeared on my screen and a plus-shaped vertical and horizontal line connected to it. I sent it to warranty and they replaced the screen. After that they said it didin't solved and they will change the motherboard. I don't think ...

Qusuto by Level 8
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Questions for GA402XV SSD upgrade

Hi guys, I just purchased a 2023 G14 gaming laptop.  The existing SSD is 512 GB storage with 16GB ram I would like to upgrade the SSD and thinking of WD SN850x with 2TB without the heat sink. If I am replacing this new SSD, do I need to add the therm...

gps360 by Level 7
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