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Make Future Mouse Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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ROG Gladius button vibration noise

I noticed this noise since very first use of it. It came with this noise from shop. It's very annoying. Left mouse button creates a vibration noise when I lift my finger off it. It's very senzitive; after long gaming sessions, every click does makes ...

Gladius II Origin RGB-lighting causes high pitched noise

Hello, I bought a Gladius II Origin the other day, but quickly noticed that it makes a very high pitched noise when the RGB-lighting is turned on. With the lights off it's silent.I thought that I maybe just got a bad unit, but the second one I receiv...

Aschas by Level 7
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Is there any USB receiver that will work with Spatha X ?

I didnt' realize charging dock works as dongle for this mouse. I dont want to carry charging dock with me everywhere. I need a separate standard usb dongle for wireless use of this mouse. I don't understand this concept of charging dock and usb recei...

slick1 by Level 8
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Rog spatha wireless problem

I bought the Rog spatha after hours trying to fix the aura because it need an old armory , now when i have it on wireless mode the mouse when i move it slowly it moves left instead of being accurate it happened when i restart my pc and before it solv...

nickDroy by Level 8
  • 18 replies
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ROG Spatha X is the worst "luxury" purchase I have ever made

I mean, some of the programmable options are very cool, like the macros. Some of it is less cool but unique, like pasting a short message. But seriously these like 6 choices 4 of which are copy, paste, undo, and cut are all I get for windows functi...

Rog Chakram X

hello, I have had this mouse for two days and find that when I move the cursor very slowly there is a kind of latency and small jerks that occur.Problem that I don't have with the first Chakram of the name. I tried to update the firmware and change t...

selfa by Level 8
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Gladius II Core unable to change lift off distance

I recently purchased a Gladius II core, but i'm having an issue that's seriously making it hard for me to use.According to the manual, armoury crate( or the old armoury II) are able to change it's lift off distance. But once I connect the mouse and l...

Axe127 by Level 9
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