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Problem after install ROG XG Station 2

Hello,I have installed a XG Station 2, and I have these problems:- Flight simulator X has stopped working with and without XG station connected- All other games works when XG Station is connected, but If I don't use XG Station, all games crashes or d...

nachopr by Level 7
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Is the RAIDR Express abandoned?

Hello,Sorry if I'm late on this issue, but has ASUS abandoned the RAIDR Express series? I was amazed when it came out but had a G55VW (laptop) at the time, so it wasn't a wise purchase.

RAIDR Express install guide & FAQ

Please see here for an FAQ and advise on installation: http://rog.asus.com/258532013/raidr-express-ssd/raidr-express-uefi-install-guide/Product Page: http://www.asus.com/Storage/RAIDR_Express_PCIe_SSD/

X-ROG by Level 15
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ROG Front Base CPU frequency

Hi, the front base did not show the update CPU frequency with hero 7 in window, it only show the max frequency when boot up, can anyone help :confused:Cpu temp and fans rpm a work finei7 4790kM7Hwindow 7 64 ROG Front base V40

Mobie by Level 7
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front base connector loosens within hours and disconnects

I can not get the front base connector to stay connected to the rog_ext cable. I thought the front base wasn't working and wasted 3days of my life. this was the same with the front base on the maximus extreme vi so to buy a product and have the same...

purecain by Level 9
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Asus Rog Front Base - Do I have a problem ?

Hello !Last WE I've mounted Rog Front Base on My PC.I've set CPU overclock to level 1 and equalizer to 'Music'.Restarting my PC its like Front Base resets itself : 'Level 1' overclok and 'Music' equalizer disappear...Is it normal ? Do I must setup ev...

ROG Front Base - Fail to install IO driver

Hello there,I am having a problem with installing my Front base. This has been a pain from day one, had this for 2 years now. I had to reinstall windows 10 today and when I try to install my front base I get the following message: Fail to install IO ...

ROG Front Base or OC Panel???

I'm trying to decide on what I should do with my old case some for monitoring my overclock. It is a major shift case which is essentially a Silverstone Raven 1, the *original Raven. It has a door on it and on the right side it's about an inch or so m...

1TB 960 Pro Initial results

OK managed to source a 1TB 960 Pro for my new desktop build. Im going to add another and put them in a raid 0 when they become more readily available.Good improvement over the 950 pro, Polaris rocks.One thing I did note as usual there is little to no...

61096 61097

Replacing 2.5 SSD with m.2 nvme

Hey guys I just ordered a 960 EVO 500gb m.2 drive to take advantage of the speed. I currently have a 2.5 samsung 850 pro as boot and everything. I would like to use the m.2 as boot/primary so in other words clone the 2.5 drive. Could I do this withou...

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