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Need to drop the price

I know that the new Raidr Express use the pci express lane and that it has all that cool software and the cool rog look to it. Come on $350! I was ready to get it until I saw the price tag. I would rather go with a Samsung 840 pro or the new EVO. For...

Availability of RAIDR Express?

Anyone have any info on when the RAIDR Express will be available in the US market and price point? Richard...please say soon

raid r and 4 way /3 way Crossfire

hey guys,just bought one! , cant wait till it gets herein the meantime, im planning on pairing a MVI E with this raidR.any advice on RAIDR placement pci slot wise? i read the guide, but still am unsure.is it possible to get this and,say 4 7970s w...

Doesn't show in BIOS?

I installed the PCIe SSD and booted the system, installed the drivers, but it will not show up in Windows Explorer or in BIOS. I have the switch on UEFI (to the right), and it is in a full x16 PCIe slot on my Maximus VI Extreme mobo.

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