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Strix Pro, Why 60mm Drivers ???

Today I tried the Strix Pro headset and I must say I'm extremely unimpressed, They sound extremely sub par when compared to any headset in the same price range, Why are these equipped with 60mm drivers ? Did the folks at Asus really think this would ...

Asus Strix DSP

Hello people !I've been trying to find the Asus Strix DSP ( on the market but nuthin.I know that it has been announced in june/july and there is several picture/unbox/review on the net so... I wonder when it'll b...

M801 Keyboard?

Can we get more information about the M801 keyboard pictured in the latest GR8 video? TKL, backlit and with standard keycaps seems right up my alley. Availability?


Asus G75VW-DS72 keyboard

Greetings.I have a Asus G75VW-DS72 and corrupt me one key on the keyboard, I looked on e-bay new but all are some of G75VW-BBK5 series, so I wonder whether this keyboard can go to my G75VW-DS72.Thanks for your help ..

Darijo by Level 7
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