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ROG Claymore

Dear ASUS,We want the Claymore, and we want it now.Please.Thank you,-Your loyal consumers

ROG Strix Flare keyboard firmware [RESOLVED]

HelloI would like to ask if anyone has a rog strix flare firmware that can be manually instaledMy keyboard is totally bricked, with crp disabld statusWill it help? How to fix it?Best regards

RoG Falchion: can't update the firmware.

So today I've bough a new Falchion. I've connected the keyboard to the USB (the keyboard is charging right now) and started the Crate software. It detects a new firmware update but when I click on Update, a message appears asking to connect the keybo...

darkcg by Level 9
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Asus Rog Claymore II battery charge and discharge issue (Solved)

Hi!I'm having some battery issues that after the lastest firmware, before the update it was working fine. i'll explain:- im using usbc to usba (3.2) from the back io (asus rog b450-e)- keyboard firmware: 20.12.01 / 1.00.14 / 1.00.12When charging it ...

drbtt by Level 9
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Issue with keys repeating

I have an ASUS ROG FALCHION M601wireless keyboard and a few times per day the keyboard just decides to repeat keystrokes (even happened while typing this). Sometimes it's just ones sometimes it spams it until I press something else. It's very disrupt...

Asus ROG Claymore II Keys no longer work

The I, K and L keys of my Claymore II no longer works. It either keeps repeating these keys or nothing happens if they are pressed. It's no longer in warranty and I know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I got mine as a pre-order and one year p...

Scycs26 by Level 7
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ROG Claymore On-The-Fly Macro Issue

Hi all,I have a ROG Claymore keyboard that I have accidentally recorded some on-the-fly macros while playing games. When I press the 'ESC' key, it is automatically pressed again ~10 seconds later. This one is not TOO bad.The second one, when I press ...

tec5c by Level 7
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ROG Strix Flare stopped working - [PLEASE READ TO AVOID]

Hello guys i buy a rog strix flare keyboard and it works pretty well... At moment to install Armoury II software the keyboard turn all leds off and i choose restart my pc, when it log into windows the system could not detect the keyboard anymore.Hope...

Strix Flare holding down key is broken

When I hold down a key on my keyboard instead of it doing the normal hold down and steadily repeating, it does lots of repeated presses extremley quickly. This makes typing a pain as holding down a key for a split second too long does half a line of ...

ROG Strix Flare II Animate - UK Layout Keys no longer working

Wondering if anyone else with the UK layout keyboard has had the same issue? Have been chatting with support, but they don't have a solution and have said to return it.The UK layout used to work, so am wondering if a recent firmware update might have...

nimrais by Level 7
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