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Strix Fusion 700 Stopped Working

Last Night, I was gaming and as others have mentioned the cord for it isn't very reliable. I have been dealing with the problem with the cord for over a year and have found a solution to it by wrapping it around the ear piece along the groove for the...

ROG Theta 7.1 Volume Issue

Hey Folks, So I recently purchased the Theta 7.1 headset to upgrade my ROG DELTA and I have discovered a weird issue when changing the output to 7.1 from stereo in ROG ARMORY. when using 7.1, all sounds become much quieter. I have to use the headset ...

Problem Asus ROG Strix Fusion Wireless

Goodmorning,I have recently acquired Asus ROG Strix Fusion Wireless Touch Control function pause/play and change songs doesn't work, nothing is happening.Instead i think that the sound up/down it is not perfect configured ...the sound rises or little...

Tiziano by Level 7
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Supremefx II Drivers download?

Hi all, just got hold of a ROG SupremeFX II sound card, does anyone know where i can grab the drivers? windows has disabled all my sound on installation, and i cant seem to find them onlineThanksUnreal Avenger

ASUS ROG STRIX GO 2.4 autumnally disconnects

Hello,I'm really happy with this headset, but unfortunately there is a problem probably with software or firmware. As far as the battery goes under 25%, the headset autumnally turns off and I need to manually turn it ON again, but after 3 second it a...

ROG Delta Version 0144 - Low mic input volume

I don't want the LED to stay on when I turn off the computer and I don't like to manually switch off the RGB on the headset when I don't use it, so I've turned off Fast Boot in Windows 10 and it powers down the headset when I turn off the computer. W...