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Pretty Please? Can we have a stand alone Asus Aura?

In the past, we were able to install Asus Aura only.  But its been bundle with Asus Amoury Crate.  I dont want to install the whole crate just to control Lightning.  With Asus Z790 Dark Hero, the only LED i have is that big area in the back of mother...

Changing colors for ROG Azoth

Hello, I use the rainbow scheme for my keyboard and want to change the individual colors. I always can change only one color. If i try to change the next color, the first color is going to change. It must be a bug!!!! 

Restarting a stuck background process/Frozen RAM rgb

I already posted some time ago about a problem that i'm having with my ram's rgbs getting stuck after a while. This also started happening (more rarely) to the other rgb's present in my rig.After some testing I came to the conclusion that Armourycrat...

Immagine 2023-10-24 212009.png
Axe127 by Level 9
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Graphic Card not keeping RGB settings

Hello, My graphic card (Asus RTX 4070 Ti) doesn't keep the AC lightning settings I apply to it. If I choose Aura Sync (or not, and in this case manually putting the "Rainbow" lightning like in the Aura Sync) It will work some times then at a moment w...

Snqk3 by Level 10
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Armoury Crate v5.6.3.0 Issues

There is already another post about this, but for extra attention I will make my own as well. FanXpert can not be updated in the v5.6.3.0, which results in being unable to control our fans. It comes with the following error: "Sorry, we cannot finish ...

Mardorr by Level 9
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