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[Motherboard] How to disable automatic download of Armoury Crate?

Why need to disable automatic download of Armoury Crate?

If you do not install Armoury Crate and you do not want to be prompted to install it under the system, you can follow the steps below


1. If you have purchased the ASUS motherboard and the motherboard supports Armoury Crate, please follow the steps below to close the prompt:

1) Press 'Del' or 'F2' of the keyboard after powering on to enter Advanced Mode:

Ordinary motherboard is defaulted set to EZ Mode. You need to press 'F7' to enter Advance Mode. (ROG-series motherboard is defaulted set to Advanced Mode.)

2) Click [Tool] -> Find the [ASUS Armoury Crate] as below.

3) The option of [Download & Install ARMOURY CRATE app] is defaulted as [Enabled], please change to [Disabled] as below.


2. If your system has not been installed with Armoury Crate, when connect ASUS accessory equipments which support Armoury Crate, such as ROG Keyboard, ROG Mouse etc, the system will prompt whether to download Armoury Crate or not, shown as the image below. Please select [Yes] or [No] according to your request.


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