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[Microsoft AI Feature] Recall - Introduction

Search across time to find the content you need. Then, re-engage with it. With Recall, you have an explorable timeline of your PC’s past. Just describe how you remember it and Recall will retrieve the moment you saw it. Any photo, link, or message can be a fresh point to continue from. As you use your PC, Recall takes snapshots of your screen. Snapshots are taken every five seconds while content on the screen is different from the previous snapshot. Your snapshots are then locally stored and locally analyzed on your PC. Recall’s analysis allows you to search for content, including both images and text, using natural language. Trying to remember the name of the Korean restaurant your friend Alice mentioned? Just ask Recall and it retrieves both text and visual matches for your search, automatically sorted by how closely the results match your search. Recall can even take you back to the exact location of the item you saw.

Recall is a Microsoft App. For details, please refer to: Retrace your steps with Recall - Microsoft Support

ASUS Model supported

※ Recall support S5507Q Series. For more supported models please visit ASUS official website.


Operating System Requirement
Please update your Windows OS to Windows 11 24H2 or later version. 


How to use Recall?
To open Recall, use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + J.

Version history
Last update:
4 weeks ago
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