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[Microsoft AI Feature] Automatic Super Resolution (Auto SR) - Introduction

Automatic Super Resolution (Auto SR) seamlessly integrates with Windows on a Copilot+ PC with a Snapdragon® X Series processor to automatically enhance a set of existing games by default, and boosts frame rates while maintaining detailed visuals. Auto SR functions by automatically lowering the game's rendering resolution to increase framerate, then employs sophisticated AI technology to provide enhanced high-definition visuals. This results in a smoother, more detailed gaming experience. 

Auto SR is a Microsoft feature. For details, please refer to: Automatic Super Resolution - Microsoft Support


ASUS Model supported

※ Automatic Super Resolution (Auto SR) support S5507Q Series. For more supported models please visit ASUS official website.


Operating System Requirement
Please update your Windows OS to Windows 11 24H2 or later version.


How to open and use Auto SR?

To change the Auto SR default setting, go to Settings > System > Display > Graphics and toggle Automatic super resolution under Default settings.

When you start a game that supports Auto SR, you see a notification confirming that Auto SR is active.

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