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[Gaming NB] ROG Remix Introduction

Table of Contents


ROG Remix Introduction

Even our packing dares to defy expectations, built right into the packaging, the ROG Remix hands-on DJ experience comes alive as soon as it's connected to the laptop. Touch the conductive areas to trigger 18 different effects. Get started remixing right away with Alan Walker's hit single "Sorry" - or get creative with your own favorite songs.


Model Supported

Only support ROG Zephyrus G14 AW SE (GA401QEC),please refer to ASUS ROG Official Website for more details.

*The operation is required with ROG Remix (Giftbox).


System Requirements

The ROG Remix (Application) require to update to V1.1.2.0 or above version.

The ROG Remix (Application) setup has been integrated into the Armoury Crate application. Users need to configure ROG Remix (Application) settings through the Armoury Crate application.

* The Armoury Crate Application require to update to Ver 4.0.8 or above,the Armoury Crate Service require to Ver 4.0.12 or above, and ROG Live Service require to Ver1.2.5.0 or above.


Application Install& Uninstall

To get the ROG Remix (Application) and install, please go to Armoury Crate application [Recommended] page to download in [Featured].

To uninstall application, please refer to ASUS official website.


ROG Remix (Application) Setup

1 Launch ROG Remix (Application)

Please type and search [ROG Remix], in the Windows Search Box, and then click on [Open].


ROG Remix (Giftbox) Operation

Select Song: Preload music Alan Walker - Sorry, and gamer can select to load own music files also.

Speed: To display and adjust music playing speed.

Sampler: To display and adjust the theme effects set applying.

Low Pass: To display and adjust music Low Pass Frequency.

Equalizer: Providing various preset mode, and thru adjust specific frequency to filter and amplify sound source to achieve audio optimization.

Default: To select “Default”, all settings will be recovered.

Settings: To turn “Auto-apply Music/Audio lighting effects” on, the ROG Remix application will be launched with AniMe Matrix™ Display Audio Mode and AURA Sync Music Mode applying next time.

Helps: Clicking “Helps” for more information about ROG Remix (Application).


3 Close ROG Remix (Application)

Please close ROG Remix (Application) with clicking ESC key.

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ROG Remix (Giftbox) Operation

ROG Zephyrus G14 AW SE with ROG Remix (Giftbox) has a touch area on the top. When it is connected to the laptop via USB Type-C cable, ROG Remix (Giftbox) will provide additional music mixer function. Thru clicking、long pressing or multiple pressing, ROG Zephyrus G14 and ROG Remix will bring gamers a more unique visual and auditory experience.

Warning! Please turn your laptop power off before keep in ROG Remix (Giftbox).

Start/Stop: To play or pause the music.

Speed Up/Down: To adjust the music speed up and down.

Low Pass Up/Down: To adjust the music Low Pass Frequency up and down.

Effect Sets (Samplers): To switch the effects theme sets.

Effect Trigger: Clicking to trigger vision and hearing effects.

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7. Q&A

Q1: How should I close ROG Remix (Application)?

A1: When gamer would like to close ROG Remix (Application), please press ESC   key to close.


Q2: How should I update my ROG Remix (Application)? 

A2:  Please connect ROG Remix (Application) and ROG Remix (Giftbox) through USB Type-C cable first, and then launch Armoury Crate application to check. While checking and updating, gamer have to be [Update Center] page in [Settings] item for executing.


Q3: Why I can not modify my AniMe Matrix™ Display lighting effect and mode while turning on “Auto-apply Music/Audio lighting effects”?

A3: Once you turn on “Auto-apply Music/Audio lighting effects”, AniMe Matrix™ Display will apply preset lighting effect and mode. If gamers would like to change or modify lighting effects, please turn off "Auto-apply Music/Audio lighting effects" in [Setting] item first, and then modify lighting effects in AniMe Matrix™ Display.


Q4: Why my ROG Remix (Application) will launch automatically, while I connect ROG Remix (Giftbox)?

A4: It is ROG Remix (Application) quick activation setup. Once it connects with model supported, ROG Remix (Application) will launch automatically.


Q5: Why does ROG Remix (Giftbox) lighting effects are not stable, sometime strong sometime weak?

A5: When ROG Remix (Giftbox) is connected to a laptop, gamers can adjust the lighting effects of [Aura Effects] through the [Sync Devices] page in the [Aura Sync] item in the Armoury Crate application. The [Music] lighting effect will follow the volume of the playback, and then change the brightness of the lighting effects.

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