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[ROG Ally] Armoury Crate SE Introduction

Table of Contents

Armoruy Crate SE Introduction

Model Supported

Armoruy Crate SE Install& Uninstall

Launch AC SE

Armoury Crate SE – Game Library

Armoury Crate SE – Settings

Armoury Crate SE – Content

Preset Hotkeys



Armoruy Crate SE Introduction

Armoury Crate SE is designed to be single platform for controlling and optimizing the ROG Ally. It provides a simple design for gamers to easily control their devices, manage their Game Library, configure Control Modes, customize Aura Sync lighting, and monitor real-time system information.


Model Supported

Armoury Crate SE is currently only supported on the ROG Ally.


Armoruy Crate SE Install& Uninstall

For complete instructions on how to download and install Armoury Crate SE Installer, please refer to the ASUS official website.   
For complete instructions on how to uninstall Armoury Crate SE, please refer to the ASUS official website.


Launch Armoury Crate SE

Press the [Armoury Crate Key] to show, the Armoury Crate SE homepage.


Armoury Crate SE – Game Library

The main menu offers a view of your currently installed games and applications, with the ability to quickly launch them.

Sort by: Filter and sort games or applications by category and display order.   
Delete: Remove games or applications collected from Game Library. Please note that this does not uninstall the game from the system.   
Add: Add installed games and applications to the Game Library manually.   
List view: Switch to list view or grid view in the Game Library.   
Game Profile: Personalize the Key mapping, Stick sensitivity, and haptic feedback for each game individually.   
Play: Click to launch games or applications.

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Armoury Crate SE – Settings


A. Edit Command Center: Add or remove items in the Command Center.

*Command Center: Press the   [Command Center] key to toggle the Command Center window.

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B. Device Setup: The settings area for various functions, including Operating Mode, GameVisual, Lighting, Connection, Audio, and Aura Sync.

Operating Mode: Provides multiple options to quickly adjust system performance.


Game Visual: A screen color management tool that provides a variety of options to alter the screen color depending on game genre and personal preference. 


Lighting: Select from preset Aura effects and change the RGB lighting colors to create the exclusive style.


Connection: Access to available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices


Audio: Select the desired microphone and speaker mode, and enable or disable the AI Noise-Canceling solutions.


Aura Sync: Pair the ROG Ally with other Aura Sync compatible devices for synchronized lighting.

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C. Control Mode:

The Control Mode provides [Gamepad Mode] and [Desktop] two preset mode, it allows for customization of the buttons, sticks, triggers, and vibration when the device is either in Gamepad Mode or Desktop Mode.


*Control Mode- Configure

Key Mapping: The preset Gamepad Mode and Desktop Mode allow for complete control over key mapping the main buttons.


While key mapping, one function will be mapped as the [Primary Button] and the second will be mapped as the [Secondary function], with the secondary function accessible by holding one of the rear paddles and pressing the button.


Button Function Setup: All mappable buttons can be customized as either a Gamepad, Action, Keyboard key, Numpad key, Mouse function, or Combination Keys function.

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Left& Right Sticks

The joystick’s inner [Dead zone]  and outer threshold are both fully configurable.

*A dead zone is the amount your control stick can move before it’s recognized. The dead zones trade off slower responsiveness to avoid accidental inputs.



Trigger sensitivity can be customized individually, or select [Mirror triggers] to align both sensitivities.



The haptics for each half of the device are fully customizable.

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Armoury Crate SE – Content

This section provides access to the Media Gallery, System, Game Platforms, Help Center, User Center, Update Center, and Featured sub-menus.


Media Gallery

Manage: To manage and move the screenshot and screen recording files.   
Share: To share the screenshot or screen recording on social media.   
Filter: Adjust the filtering of screenshot and screen recording files.   
Delete: To delete screenshot or screen recording from the Media Gallery.   
Back: Return to the last page.   
Select: To select the screenshot or screen recording.



Device Info: Main device information.

Storage: Storage space of the device.

About: Armoury Crate SE Version, Service Version, App Diagnostics, and the Privacy Policy.


Game Platform

A selection of popular game libraries and launchers. Select a launcher to download and install it.


Help Center

Tutorials: An introduction to the basic operations of the Armoury Crate SE.

About the XG Mobile: An introduction to how the ROG Ally works with the ROG XG Mobile.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about ROG Ally.


User Center

The login portal for your ASUS member account, with access to My Profile, My Products, Registered Events, and Notifications.


Update Center

Select “Check for Updates”, and the utility will automatically download required drivers or firmware to keep the device up to date.



Game Deals: Discover, explore, and pick-up great games.   
Content Platform: Download ROG Ally exclusive wallpapers.   
Recommended: Applications recommended or supported for your ROG Ally.   
Redemption: Log in to your ASUS member account to review redemption records.

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Preset Hotkey

Preset Hotkey: Please refer to the default hotkey list of the ROG Ally, it can help you to get quickly and familiar with the device.

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Q1: What is Dead Zone?

A1: A dead zone is the amount your control stick can move before it’s recognized. The dead zones trade off slower responsiveness to avoid accidental inputs.



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