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[ROG earphone] How to reset ROG CETRA TURE WIRELESS to factory settings?

1. Take the headset out of the charging case

2. After taking out the earphones, press and hold the [touch panel] for about 5~7 seconds with both hands until the red lights(indicator) on the left and right ears go out (the earphones are in shutdown mode at this time)

3. Press and hold the left and right earphones for about 12~15 seconds. During the long press, the blue light will flash rapidly in both ears, until the left and right ears display "four red light flashes" (the earphones have completed the factory settings at this time)

4. Put the left and right earphones back into the charging case and close the lid of the charging case for about 5 seconds

5. Take out the earphone and wait for the earphone until the blue light on one side of the earphone starts to flash. At this time, you can perform Bluetooth pairing again.


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