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[ROG Chakram X]ROG Chakram X wireless RGB gaming mouse introduction

The ROG Chakram X wireless RGB gaming mouse is equipped with a 36,000 dpi ROG AimPoint optical sensor, 8000 Hz polling rate, and three connectivity modes (2.4 GHz / Bluetooth / wired), along with 11 programmable buttons, an analog joystick, and a second-generation replaceable switch socket that supports both 3-pin mechanical and 5-pin optical switches.

Table of contents:
1. Introduction to accessories of ROG Chakram X mouse inner box
2. ROG Chakram X Appearance and Function Introduction
3. Introduction to ROG Chakram X software function settings
4. Q&A

1.Introduction of ROG Chakram X mouse inner box accessories:

1.ROG Chakram X main body 


2.Custom stick replacement parts, connector converter, switch tweezers, Omron micro switch, USB receiver, customizable badge


3.USB-Type C cable, manual, warranty statement, stickers, mouse storage bag 


2.ROG Chakram X Appearance Introduction:

1.Left button
2.Scroll wheel
3.USB dongle (stored inside the mouse)
4.LOG nameplate (inside the mouse)
5.USB Type-C port
6.Right button

7.Mouse connection mode switch (Bluetooth/USB/2.4G RF mode)
8.Bluetooth pairing button
9.DPI button
10.AimPoint Optical Sensor
11.Qi wireless charging area

12.Analog/Digital Joystick
13.Side button 6
14.Side button 7
15.Side button 8
16.Side button 9


3.Introduction to ROG Chakram X software function settings :

1.Open the Armory Crate software from the system


2.Choose the ROG Chakram X/CHAKRAM X ORIGIN device


3.Button options: (each button can be customized to define the function)

1.Front button setting area
2.Button function setting area
3.Button front/side switch

4.Side button setting area (including joystick function setting)
5.Joystick setting: ON/OFF
6.Reset: Restore to default values


4.Button performance option:
1.Sensitivity: Set DPI value (1~4; Low -> High); adjustable manually
2.Polling Rate: Key response speed (250~8000; Slow - Fast)
3.Straight-line Correction: Turn on/off screen straight-line correction
4.Position Angle Adjustment: Adjust angle deviation when sliding
5.Reset: Restore to default values

*Polling rate" refers to the response speed of key feedback. Generally, a polling rate of around 1000Hz is suitable for most people. However, for those who have a demand for shooting or action sports games, choosing a higher polling rate can increase their response speed*


5.Lighting options:
1.Lighting Effect Section: ON/OFF allows you to turn on or off the lighting effect, click on the icon to enable the desired lighting effect
2.LED Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the lighting effect. Speed: Adjust the speed of the LED. Direction: Adjust the direction of the lighting effect, clockwise or counterclockwise
3.Advanced Effects: Customize the lighting effects using Aura Creator
4.Reset: Restore to default values


6.Calibration Options: Surface Calibration:
1.Default Surface: Automatically calibrate based on ASUS mouse pad models
2.Manual Calibration: Manually calibrate according to the current mouse pad/desktop being used


7.Power options:
1.Battery Level: Displays the battery level percentage
2.Battery Notification: When turned on, the battery level will be displayed in the Windows notification area
3.Battery Warning Settings: Set a battery percentage at which a warning message will appear, reminding you to charge the device
4.Sleep Mode Settings: Set the sleep mode time to 1-10 minutes or never activate sleep mode.


8.Firmware update:
1.Current Version: Mouse firmware version
2.Check for Updates: Clicking on this option will direct you to the update page to check for any available firmware updates.



Q1.What is polling rate?
A: Polling Rate refers to the frequency at which the keyboard sends data to the computer per second. The higher the value of "Polling Rate", the faster the response speed of the key feedback. Generally, 1000Hz is suitable for most people, but for those who play shooting or action games, a higher "Polling Rate" can be selected to increase response speed.
(For example, an 8000Hz polling rate provides a 0.125ms response time (1/8000=0.125ms), which is faster, while a 1000Hz polling rate requires a 1ms response time (1/1000=1ms), which is slower.)


Q2.What is the polling rate of Armory Crate for each mode of ROG Chakram X?
A:USB wired mode:the polling rate can be set within the range of 250Hz to 8000Hz.
   2.4G RF mode:the polling rate can be set within the range of 250Hz to 1000Hz.
   Bluetooth mode:the polling rate can be set to 250Hz.


SB wired mode:

2.4G RF mode:


Q3.How to switch the connection mode of ROG Chakram X?
A:The switch for changing the mode is located at the bottom of the mouse (as shown in the picture).
   1.Switch to the left for Bluetooth mode.
   2.Switch in the middle for USB wired mode.
   3.Switch to the right for 2.4G RF mode (with the USB dongle stored inside the mouse cover).  



Q4.ROG Chakram X joystick installation and replacement steps?
A: Select the appropriate joystick -->Confirm that the slot hole is vertical -->Align and push it in until it clicks into place(as shown in the picture).

*Note: For smooth installation and avoid damage, please make sure the direction is correct when inserting the rocker into the slot*


Q5.How to replace ROG Chakram X micro switch?
A:1.Remove the top cover of the mouse.-->2.Remove the cover of the left and right buttons.-->3.Use a microswitch plier to pull up the microswitch.-->4.Install the microswitch (make sure the small black button on top of the switch faces the front of the mouse)

*The left and right button covers and the top cover are all detachable using a screwless magnetic design*


Q6.How to use joystick mode?
A:You need to connect in 2.4G RF or USB wired mode, and turn on Armory Crate and click on the upper right of the button option (NO/OFF)

*Profile 1 to 4 can be used as joystick configuration files, while Profile 5 disables joystick functionality*


Q7.How much polling rate does ROG Chakram X support in NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer?
A: Support 1000 Hz polling rate (applicable to USB wired mode and 2.4G RF mode for connection)


Q8.How to use fast charging for the mouse?
A: Fast charging is available through the USB Type-C 3.2 port. With just 15 minutes of fast charging, you can get up to 25 hours of gameplay time, and when fully charged, the battery can last up to a maximum of 114 hours.


Q9.Does ROG Chakram X support Qi wireless charging?
A: Yes, it supports Qi wireless charging, for example, you can use the ROG Balteus Qi mouse pad or other Qi-compatible charging devices.

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