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[Gaming NB/DT] Aura Relative Introduction

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[Gaming NB/DT] Aura Relative Introduction

Aura Creator Introduction

Aura Wallpaper Introduction



Aura Creator Introduction


AURA Creator Introduction

Model Supported

Application Install& Uninstall

Launching AURA Creator

Main Features



1. AURA Creator Introduction

AURA Creator is an advanced lighting-editing application that allows users to compose their own lighting effects/patterns for their ROG machines.  This article provides a brief introduction of how each area of the application can be utilized.

*The content of this article is applicable to AURA Creator V2.0.3 and above.


2. Model Supported

AURA Creator has been integrated into the Armoury Crate application. Users can configure the settings through the Armoury Crate application. 

Please make sure the Armoury Crate version is V3.0.4 or above.

For more details about supported models, please refer to link. *Devices listed are updated from time to time.



3. Application Install& Uninstall 

How to get and install the application program,please refer to Here.

How to uninstall application program,please refer to Here.


4. Launching AURA Creator

 There are two ways to launch AURA Creator,

※In Armoury Crate application, select "System"in main menu "Device"① item, and then click "Lighting"③ page. After that, to click "Aura Creator"④ icon to launch Aura Creator.


※In Armoury Crate application, select "AURA Sync"① in main menu and get in to "AURA Effects"page, after that clicking "Aura Creator" ③ to launch.

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5. Main Features

※AURA Creator Home Page: (A)System/ Device Arrangement、(B)Layer Arrangement and Timeline Editing、(C)Lighting Effects、and (D)Lighting Effect Properties


(A) System/ Device Arrangement

Utility automatically detects the compatible devices connected and allows you to place your devices according to actual arrangement.

Available devices: To select and sync device which would like to edit AURA lighting effect.

Set as layer: To click or drag select lighting zones from the device display and set as a layer.

Arrange devices: To click rearrange the layout of your available devices.

Save & apply To save and apply your current light effect editing on the device.

Settings: To provide AURA Creator current version、 Tutorial、 Shortcuts, and check update.

Lighting profile: Gamers can Rename、Delete、Create new、Import and Export the profiles.

Reset layout/ Fill editing area: To adjust the layout ratio, and reset or fill editing area.


(B)Layer Arrangement and Timeline Editing

Layer arrangement: Gamers can edit the layer lighting effects、rename layer and preview the lighting effects.

Timeline editing: Gamers can drag lighting effect bricks to the timeline, and adjust the start  time and duration time for lighting effects.


(C)Lighting Effects

Lighting effects: To provide variety of lighting effect. Gamers can simply select and drag lighting effect bricks to the timeline.

Sync with: To sync the lighting effect with a selected source.


(D) Lighting Effect Properties

A variety of lighting effect properties are available. Color, brightness, speed, or angle of each effect brick can be independently adjusted.

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6. Q&A

Q1: Can AURA Creator work on TUF Notebook Gaming models?

A1: No, Aura Creator does not work on TUF series Gaming Notebook models.

For a list of the latest supported devices, please check the support list on the AURA Creator website.


Q2: Why my laptop independent hotkey is unable to support AURA Trigger Effects (Reactive/Laser/Ripple) function?

A2: The AURA Trigger Effects can only support Per-Key RGB backlight keyboard and laptop, but not include laptop independent hotkey. (Only few models support hotkey with AURA Trigger Effects)


<Independent hotkey>


Q3: How do we preview the AURA lighting effect after modified?

A3: Please click "Save& apply"to save and apply modified lighting effect. After that, clicking "Play" to preview lighting effect.


Q4: How should we select the lighting effect we require?

A4: Apply the effects by simply selecting and dragging them to the timeline.


Q5: How can we adjust lighting effect start time and duration time?

A5: Please refer to below actual adjustment method for lighting effect.


Q6What is Music and Adaptive Color effect in "Sync With"?

A6: Music Effect: Convert live media stream to a dynamic lighting effect.


Adaptive Color Effect: Capture the most common or average color in the detection area on your screen currently and simultaneously display the in game status on your devices.

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Aura Wallpaper Introduction

Table of Contents


Aura Wallpaper Introduction

Aura Wallpaper is an extension application of the Armoury Crate platform, and turns entire desktop into an RGB device. Aura Wallpaper allows user to set up ROG exclusive wallpaper and select of the RGB lighting on ROG wallpaper, and that can also synchronize the wallpaper with other Aura Sync compatible devices. Through synchronizing Wallpaper、laptop and peripheral devices lighting effect perfectly combined to create a personal gaming style.


Model Supported

Supports ROG and TUF series Gaming laptop and desktop, and require Windows 10 and above operating system version.


System Prerequisites

The Aura Wallpaper has been integrated into the Armoury Crate application. Users need to configure the Aura Wallpaper settings through the Armoury Crate application.

Supported Version: Armoury Crate application version must be higher than V5.0 above.

*Please refer to Link for more details about Armoury Crate Introduction. 


Application Install& Uninstall 

How to get and install Armoury Crate,please refer to ASUS official website.

How to uninstall Armoury Crate,please refer to ASUS official website.


Launch Aura Wallpaper

Please click [Windows Search] and type in [ARMOURY CRATE],and then click [Open] to launch Armoury Crate.


In ARMOURY CRATE home page, clicking [Device] and then select [Aura Wallpaper] to get into setup.

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Aura Wallpaper Setup

Activate Aura Wallpaper: Aura wallpaper will override default Windows background setting.

Download More: Gamers will be directed to [Content Platform] for more Aura Wallpaper.

Apply: To apply this Aura Wallpaper.

Lighting Effects: Selecting the lighting effects your preferred.

Download: To download this Aura Wallpaper.

Power Saving Mode: On battery mode, Aura Wallpaper will stop lighting effects after being idle for.

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Aura Wallpaper System Tray Setup

Once launch Aura Wallpaper, gamers can also click Windows system tray and then select Aura Wallpaper icon to setup.

Apply Aura Wallpaper: To select the Aura Wallpaper.

Select Lighting Effect: To select the Aura Wallpaper lighting effect.

Launch Armoury Crate: Launch Armoury Crate application.

Deactivate Aura Wallpaper: Deactivate Aura Wallpaper, and the background will return to default setting.

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Aura SYNC Setup

Aura Wallpaper can also synchronize with laptop Aura light effects thru Aura SYNC, and setup Aura basic lighting effects.

*For more details about Aura SYNC, please refer to [Armoury Crate introduction]

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Content Platform

Through content platform, gamers can download more exclusive Gaming series products Aura wallpaper.

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Q1: Why my laptop GPU utilization is getting higher after Aura Wallpaper activate?

A1: We suggest checking Windows Task Manager with GPU Power usage, then you can see that the actual Aura Wallpaper does not affect the overall performance and power consumption. Once Aura Wallpaper activated, it will occupy some GPU resource, so  the GPU utilization goes up, but due to Task Manager usually doesn't count all GPU Power Usage and GPU Clock rate, so the GPU utilization  looks may higher than actual.


Q2: Can I edit Aura Wallpaper lighting effects through Aura Creator?

A2: For now, each Aura Wallpaper has exclusive lighting effect and feature already, so there is not yet to provide for customizing lighting effects through Aura Creator.


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