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Happy New Year..png

Hello gamers, Happy New Year 2024!

The Santa Clauses from the last event have returned home after enjoying the New Year fireworks. A heartfelt thank you to the hardworking Santa Claus!

The previous quest to find Santa Claus has successfully concluded, and Santa Claus has completed the distribution of Christmas gifts. The list of winners has been announced in the event post

In the last event, a total of 9 Santa Clauses appeared, identified by the codes R, E, P, U, B, L, I, C, and the hidden version X. The ROG Phone models they held were also arranged in alphabetical order. Did you notice this little Easter egg?

To express our gratitude to the diligent Santa Clauses, we have decided to organize another Santa Claus popularity vote event. Let gamers vote for their favorite Santa Claus! Share your choice and write down your New Year's wishes in the comments to participate in the gift draw!

Santa Claus RSanta Claus R

Santa Claus ESanta Claus E

Santa Claus PSanta Claus P

Santa Claus USanta Claus U

Santa Claus BSanta Claus B

Santa Claus LSanta Claus L

Santa Claus ISanta Claus I

Santa Claus CSanta Claus C

Santa Claus XSanta Claus X


Participation Requirements:

* Become an ROG Forum member
* Share the specified comment below this event post


Event Details:

Please leave a comment below this event post:

1. Share your favorite Santa Claus code

2. New Year's wishes

Completing these steps qualifies you for the lucky draw



Exclusive gift for ROG Forum members


Event Deadline:

2024/01/09 23:59 (UTC+8)


Lucky Draw Results:

Winners will be announced within one week. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


[UPDATE] Announcement of Winners: 

We are pleased to announce the list of winners as follows:


Username Email Prize
Xi0nG tw****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
QQ02 ka****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
1TM1TM tm****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
JenniedOuOb je****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
Yakumo ya****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
Merdoch2 ez****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
Kohijug mo****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
Srd1 sar****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
Jimmy718 ji******  ROG Forum Exclusive Gift
ma****** ROG Forum Exclusive Gift

Congratulations to all our winners!

We hope you enjoy your prizes and continue to explore the incredible features of the ROG Phone.

Winners, kindly keep an eye on your email inbox as we will be reaching out to you via

Thank you to all participants for taking part in the event!