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ROG Azoth - Dongle not connecting to keyboard

Level 7

Title says it all it was working fine a few days ago but then I made the smart move of updating my keyboard and I can’t use the keyboard via dongle anymore. The PC still recognizes the dongle and I can still customize my keyboard via Armoury Crate when it’s plugged in with both the wire and the dongle but I can’t use it on 2.4 anymore only wired and bluetooth. Please help. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling AC, resetting the keyboard, blowing on the dongle, restarting my PC, and deleting the keyboard file on the program files. 

Keyboard Version: 4.00.07


Level 7

Im having the same issue after updating... did you find a resolution?

Level 7

Hey Greytest, I had the same problem this morning. Once I connected the Azoth via usb, a new option to update the firmware came up in Armoury Crate. Once I complete this, wireless connectivity works fine now! Give it a go.