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Can't get sound from my 5.1 Speakers

Level 7

Hello everyone,
I installed windows 11 recently ( not sure if it's related) I'm using 5.1 speakers and 2 days ago I realized that I only get sound from 2 speakers only. 
I used to get sound from every each one but now whatever I do I only get 2 speakers to work. 
I removed & reinstalled realtek drivers. chose 5.1 from sound settings and realtek audio console. Tried using windows drivers and still nothing. 
Also when I plug headphones from the front the system doesn't recognize it as headphones. When I check it in realtek audio console and sound settings I still see speaker settings. It's only available when there is no realtek drivers. 
I've got b550M-A wifi II mobo. 

Thanks in advance. 


Level 12

Sometimes Windows Updates or other random events can change your speaker configuration. This is especially true if you have multiple potential audio outputs such as HDMI and DisplayPort. I find I need to reconfigure my speaker output more often than I would like to.

Try this...

  • Right click the speaker/volume icon in the system tray and select Sounds
  • Click on the Playback tab, find your Speakers device and click on it once
  • Click the Configure button in the lower left corner
  • From the Choose your configuration window, select 5.1 Surround
  • Apply your changes

You can click on each speaker icon on the right side after selecting 5.1 output to confirm audio is working for each speaker.


I generally right-click on all the other devices on the Playback tab and choose disable, then uncheck the option to show disabled devices (also on the right-click menu) so I don't have to deal with playback devices I have no interest in utilizing. I find them annoying and prefer to not see them.



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