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X670e-e bios update (It looks like we dont support this file format ?

Level 9

Hello all. X670e-e here and on version 0805. Im trying to update to 1004. I download the file, extract all, and when i click the file, i get "ROG STRIX x670e-e gaming wifi asus 1004.CAP " "It looks like we dont support this file format"


The hell am i doing wrong here? I tried unzipping, EZ flash also, using the renamer tool, and it wont see or use it either??? I appreciate anyone's time. Seems im several versions behind. I swear it was easier when i went to 805 months and months ago. TIA

7950x/7900xtx/x670e-e mobo gskill ddr5-6000 cl30/seasonic titanium prime 1000w/windows 11



Level 7

Well, the renamer is an important step. You run that and it just renames your bios file to SX670EE.CAP

Now I am confused, are you using the armory crate to get your latest bios? Everything on that tends to be horribly outdated. The other reason is your bios is outdated and its even unlisted from the website. Which would be a good idea to avoid that version if asus delisted it. Just a guess, this was one that was delisted when asus was overvolting the amd x3d chips and causing them to fail.

Really, you should be using the latest version, the current version of me posting is: ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI BIOS 1416