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[Issue] ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING SPDIF/Toslink Support

Level 7

Good morning,

I have an ASUS ROG Strix B550-F GAMING from 06.09.23, but I usually use only a wired analog Audio connection.
Now, I have a Vention Toslink SPDIF Optical Cable to improve my audio experience with my Xiaomi Soundbar. Unfortunately, only the optical connection is working with not the best quality and without the support of any equalizers. When selecting the SPDIF connection type on the soundbar, I get no sound output at all.

I tried all sorts of settings and options the Realtek / ROG software provides including installation of entirely stock drivers with clean windows reinstallation, but unfortunately no success in this topic. Stock Driver even doesn't include general Equalizer Support.

I also tried different optical cables and cross-checked the cables as well as the DAC on other optical audio sources. They are all running perfectly.

I have the latest BIOS version 3404 and the latest Realtek USB Audio Driver 6.0.9611.1 WHQL on Windows 11.
It also doesn't matter whout sound source I choose. From Tidal Hifi, Youtube or Windows system sounds.

Can you please provide a fix or advice to get it running.
Also, Motherboard included drivers are needed to be updated, as they are not up to date.


Level 7

Following Equalizer is entirely not available on Stock driver also:

Following Equalizer is not available in Stock driversFollowing Equalizer is not available in Stock drivers