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[DRIVERS] Intel DTT/GNA (5xx/6xx/7xx)

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Hi everyone,

- Intel DTT Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : 9.0.11405.42569 WHQL [15/02/2024]
IPF Core Drivers : 1.0.11405.42038 WHQL [19/01/2024]
IPF Extensible Framework Drivers : 2.1.10104.12 WHQL [22/01/2024]
Download : Link
Install/Update Process :

Launch "Install.cmd" by right-click Run as admin > Automatic restart when install is done

- Intel GNA Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : WHQL [14/11/2023]
Download : Link

Install/Update Process :

- Press Windows key + X > Device Manager > Right-click on your Intel GNA device > Update driver > Browse my computer for driver software
- Browse... > Select the extracted drivers folder (GNA_Intel_v...) > Next

OS requirements : Windows 10 64 bit or more recent.
Hardware requirements - DTT : Motherboards with Intel 6xx/7xx series chipsets with DTT enabled in the BIOS.
Hardware requirements - GNA : Motherboards with Intel 5xx/6xx/7xx series chipsets with GNA enabled in the BIOS.


If you want to manage the drivers (remove old/unused drivers for example) that you have in your Windows DriverStore
Use Driver Store Explorer (Right click on "Rapr.exe" > Run as administrator).

If you want better interrupts delivery latency
Enable MSI (Message Signaled-based Interrupts) mode on all your supported devices (see the column "supported modes") with
MSI Mode Utility (Right click on "MSI_Mode_Utility_v3.exe" > Run as administrator).
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Me too i have the same and not able to remove delete, keep coming back...

Got the same. Two of the "Intel DTT Updater Component". Did you ever fix it?

Level 7

BIOS update ROG STRIX B760 Fubuki, APO is working on my i5 12600k, using the drivers provided by MoKiChU.



Level 7

Working on my 12900KF after installing the latest BIOS.

Level 11

good stuff

Rig # 1 - 14900Ks SP-118 | 87 MC @ 6.0 GHZ | 5.2 R | 4.7 E | DDR5 48GB @ 8,600 c36 | Strix RTX 4090 | PG27AQN 1440P 27" 360 Hz G-Sync ULMB 2

Rig # 2 - 14900K-SP-120 | 89 MC @ 5.9 GHZ | 5.2 R | 4.7 E | DDR4 32GB @ 4,300 c15 | Strix RTX 3080 | Aoc 1080P 25" 240 Hz G-Sync

Level 40

Hi everyone,

In order to fix the double Intel(R) Dynamic Tuning Technology Updater Component device in your Device Manager, redownload the last Intel DTT Drivers then follow the processes from this post :

Just tried and it fixed the double setting only when on the old drivers. As soon as I put the latest DTT ones on it went back to double and still failed to connect. 

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MoKiChU thks for the double entry fix, but i still have the failed to connect

13700K + Z790A, encountered the same issue before. After installing the drivers, I briefly enabled it, but Failed to connect after restarting. The problem was resolved after I uninstalled Sunlogin, a remote control software. After discussing on other forums, another person also resolved the issue by uninstalling Parsec. So perhaps you can try uninstalling some similar software, which might solve the problem.

Level 9

Me too, the double device now is fixed, but still Failed to Connect.

z790 Maximus Hero with 14900ks, updated BIOS to 2102 with enabled option.