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[DRIVERS] Intel Chipset/MEI/SATA (1xx/2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx)

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Hi everyone,

- Intel Chipset Drivers :

Package : 10.1.19627.8423 WHQL [28/09/2023]
Download : Link

Install/Update Process :

Launch "CHIPSET_Intel_vxx.x.xxxxx.xxxx.exe"

- Intel MEI Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers : 2406.5.5.0 WHQL [08/02/2024]
DAL SoftwareComponent Driver : 1.44.2023.710 WHQL [11/07/2023]
ICLS SoftwareComponent Driver : WHQL [06/12/2023]
WMI SoftwareComponent Driver : 2408.5.4.0 WHQL [21/02/2024]
Download : Link
Install/Update Process :

Launch "Install.cmd" by right-click Run as admin > Automatic restart when install is done

- Intel SATA AHCI-RAID Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - 4xx/5xx : WHQL [06/02/2023]
Drivers - 2xx/3xx : WHQL [25/11/2022]
Drivers - 1xx : WHQL [13/12/2022]
Download - 4xx/5xx : Link
Download - 2xx/3xx : Link
Download - 1xx : Link

Install/Update Process :

- Press Windows key + X > Device Manager > Right-click on your Intel SATA device > Update driver > Browse my computer for driver software
- Browse... > Select the extracted drivers folder (SATA_AHCI-RAID_Intel_v...) > Next

OS requirements : Windows 10 64 bit or more recent.
Hardware requirements : Motherboards with Intel 1xx/2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx series chipsets (except Intel X299 chipset).


If you want to manage the drivers (remove old/unused drivers for example) that you have in your Windows DriverStore
Use Driver Store Explorer (Right click on "Rapr.exe" > Run as administrator).

If you want better interrupts delivery latency
Enable MSI (Message Signaled-based Interrupts) mode on all your supported devices (see the column "supported modes") with
MSI Mode Utility (Right click on "MSI_Mode_Utility_v3.exe" > Run as administrator).
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@MoKiChU I know you explained it but better have 2023 year 😄 

Also can i hide or disable this optional update? I dont want hide all optional updates only this one.
In Windows 7 has been better management with updates.

And also i replaced SATA AHCI drivers from 18 version to 17 version because it is right for my board.
But there are leftovers? I see 3 files look at screenshot. Can i remove marked?

Show me a full screenshot (or link me an .csv extract : File > Export) of all your DriverStore via Driver Store Explorer (to launch as admin), I will tell you which drivers you can remove.

Okay here is it...

You can delete these ones :

INF Driver Version Driver Date
nv_dispig.inf 7/21/2022
rogkb.inf 9/20/2022
rogms.inf 9/20/2022
nvmoduletracker.inf 6.14.24370.22713 08/11/2020
nvvad.inf 9/13/2021
iaahcic.inf 1/13/2022
iaahcic.inf 7/24/2020
rzcommonu.inf 10.0.15063.0 3/30/2021
rzcommonu.inf 10.0.15063.0 07/07/2020
e1d.inf 1/30/2022
nvpcf.inf 7/21/2022
mewmiprov.inf 2203.2.19.0 01/10/2022
iclsclient.inf 1.63.1155.2 12/01/2021
dal.inf 1.41.2021.121 1/21/2021
nvvhci.inf 3.4.2785.9920 01/10/2020
heci.inf 2131.1.4.0 7/27/2021
ialpss2_gpio2_cnl.inf 30.100.2132.2 08/02/2021
ialpss2_i2c_cnl.inf 30.100.2132.2 08/02/2021
rz005cdev.inf 6.2.9200.16534 01/02/2017


Are you sure? First file is from nvidia...

@MoKiChU deleted...only 2 files cant be deleted Microsoft printers i think it was these files prnms009.inf and prnms001.inf because there are in driver store or something like that. 

Level 40

Hi everyone,

- Intel SATA AHCI-RAID Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - 4xx/5xx : WHQL [06/02/2023]

Thread updated.

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Hi Mokichu

I am writting from a friend since he can not enter here or the eleven forums.  

He has a Prime H310M-A R2.0 

What drivers (mei chipset IO ) and firmware needed to install on his pc. He did the udpate on the bios with me just now. But i can not find the H310 board. 



Learn, Play Enjoy!


He need these firmware/drivers for his ASUS PRIME H310M-A R2.0 motherboard :

[FIRMWARE] Intel ME (B150/H170/Z170/B250/H270/Z270/B365/Z370)

[DRIVERS] Intel Chipset/MEI/SATA (1xx/2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx)

Intel Chipset Drivers

Intel MEI Drivers (Drivers Only)

- Intel SATA AHCI-RAID Drivers (Drivers Only) :

Drivers - 2xx/3xx

[DRIVERS] Realtek Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth

- Realtek Ethernet Drivers (Drivers Only)

[DRIVERS] Realtek Audio (Intel 2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx & AMD 3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx)

- Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG/TUF/PRIME RTK)

Level 40

Hi everyone,

- Intel Chipset Drivers :

Package : 10.1.19468.8385 WHQL [21/04/2023]

Thread updated.