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Asus Not Updating Driver Downloads for Motherboards on Website

Level 7

Hello, I hope someone from Asus support is reading this.

I have observed and have now confirmed that Asus is not updating the Motherboard product driver download pages with the most updated drivers/software.

I have an Asus B760 Plus motherboard and when I look at the official driver download page, I see that the Audio driver version is 6.0.9381.1 (provided by Realtek).


However, when I downloaded Armoury Crate software, I see that there was an updated driver version available for my motherboard and I have updated it from there.

Similarly, an old version ( of the Armoury Crate software is still listed on the download page whereas the latest version is


Apart from this, the Armoury Crate provided an additional driver that was completely missing on the official driver download page (Serial I/O).

My request to Asus is to keep the official driver download pages updated as that is where most of the users visit to download the drivers. That should be the first priority rather than getting drivers from the bloated software.