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AI SUITE 3 Leaves ftdibus.sys Driver Behind After Uninstall. Can't Re-Activate Memory Integrity

Level 7

I am running Window 11 v23H2. I downloaded the latest AI Suite 3 and attempted to install it; however, I received a message (during installation) stating I had to disable memory integrity to complete the install. So, I disabled it and completed the install. Next I download and updated my H570M- Plus motherboard to BIOS v2001. Now, I uninstalled AI Suite 3 and also ran AI Suite 3 cleaner with hopes that everything would get properly remove so I could turn my memory integrity back on. Unfortunately, I could not turn it back on because I had a conflicting driver that was left behind from the AI Suite 3 installation. The driver name is/was ftdibus.sys. So, after some research, I found a way to uninstall this driver by using the CDM Uninstaller v1.5 which can be downloaded from here:

Once I deleted the ftdibus.sys driver, I was able to turn memry integrity back on. Now all is well. I hope that someone in support looks at this post and initiates a fix to avoid future problems like this one.