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Unsubscribe for points expiration not working.

Level 8

I unsubscribed last month. No point in receiving "friendly reminders" for a useless service. I got one again today. I unsubscribed again and I hope there wont be an email again. Please fix it.


Level 8

I hate the points expiration system too. Contact support with an angry note if you cannot seem to unsubscribe and hopefully they may give you free points.

Why would anyone need free points when there is nothing to redeem 🙂 I went from over 2k to under 1 and couldn't redeem anything except wallpapers which I find pointless. The idea was to maybe get a free game for the ton of money that I paid for a 3090 during covid (needed it for work, not mining), but the rewards program is totally disappointing.

I'm just trying to get merch here. Spending points for wallpapers suck.

Level 8

I agree with you. This is a Loyalist rewards programs to keep loyalists spending and overspending. The Wallpapers are a silly reward. I signed up looking for hardware giveaways, sure I got about 700 points for the motherboard, at least this could enter a draw for a giveaway? no, I did not login for 6 months never spent a point lost all of them. As a brand ASUS is far away for being something I like, as a quality manufacturer sure. And I won't even go to the bloated and buggy software in this comment.

Cláudio Alves